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The Brain - Colouring and Learning Vol. 1

Brain Colouring and Learning Book - you will learn:

Why is the brain important

What are neurons and glial cells

How to keep your brain healthy!

Also included:

Connect the dots, word search, mazes, spot the difference!

Adult and Child size Brain Hat

Recommended Ages:

Ideal for 6 - 12 year olds (Grades 1 - 7)

And anyone interested in learning about the brain! (3 - 110 years old)

More about Dr. Maria Zamfir and Dr. Marion Van Horn:

We’re neuroscientists who have spent years doing experiments investigating the intricate details of how the brain works. We’re also moms and we’ve spent a lot of time helping brains develop in real life! We put together this fun and educational colouring book as a guide to help introduce the brain to you and your family

The Brain - Colouring and Learning Book Volume 1

SKU: 9781988253732
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